I am currently a remote software engineer working at Bitrefill, a cryptocurrency company enabling users all over the world to live off cryptocurrency.


Crypto Lead Engineer

2017 - Present

Software Engineer building all things cryptocurrency related, api integrations, and all things awesome at Bitrefill

MIT DCI Cryptocurency Bootcamp

Summer 2016

I spent a week at MIT meeting other prospective bitcoin developers. We went over all the basics underpinning bitcoin and created a bitcoin related project/hackathon in groups. My group created a verifiable lottery using 21's bitcoin library.

Student Technician

2015 - 2016

Coordinates with the lead technicians to provide hardware, network and software support for Professors and Faculty in the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Deploy and upgrade computers for the college as well as diagnosing and fixing technical problem


Here are a list of projects I have worked on or contributed:

Lightning Integration @ Bitrefill - Developed and launched the first lightning integration into a merchant service available to users on bitcoin's mainnet
BitBounce - Hackathon project integrating bitcoin payments in order to solve email spam. I helped contribute all the bitcoin back end code examples to integrate turing with coinbase during this hackathon
Lightning Services - Thor - Helped build and integrate the first lightning services @ bitrefill, providing channel capacity and other services on top of the lightning network
Softfork Stats - I created a twitter bot that tweets out softfork signaling stats from my local bitcoin, litecoin, and vertcoin node. I manually parse all data from my nodes from the past x blocks and compute the signaling stats. It tweets changes of relevance in signalling adoption for softforks, currently with segwit

Skills & Proficiency